September 05, 2021

Cropped Bromo Shirt Hack

By Collette Ramage
Cropped Bromo Shirt Hack

Today we wanted to share with you a cropped version of the Bromo shirt. This is a very simple hack but really offers a great addition to your wardrobe. Here the simple steps we took to make this version.

1. Determine the length of the cropped shite you would like. We took 12 inches from the front and 17 inches of the the back.

2. When you have decided on your chosen length, take this off the pattern pieces - don't throw these away as you can stick them back on for your next Bromo shirt make.

3. Determine the length of slit you would like on the side - on ours we went for 3 inches.

4. Follow the instructions as in the patterns

Here are some styling ideas for the cropped Bromo shirt:

- you could leave it unbuttoned and use it as a shacket when out in the evenings

- roll up the sleeves for a more casual look

- you could as a pleat to the centre back for a more structured flare at the back

- adding in a collar pin at the top would look fantastic

There are endless possibilities with the Bromo and we cant wait to see your makes.