September 02, 2021

Couture approaches for more sustainable garments

By Collette Ramage

I know some of you will see the word Couture and it will send shivers down your spines. Every dressmaker has had that at some point but its nothing to fear. Once you embrace some Couture approaches, you will realise the benefits it brings to your sewing.

Here at PH7 Patterns we are passionate about ensuring that each garment reaches its maximum potential. That could be by refashioning an existing make or using techniques such as Couture to ensure your garment lasts a lifetime.

Below are some Couture approaches that you could consider using in your next garment.


In Couture garments most seam allowances are 1 inch. To the onlooker, this may seem wasteful but the reason for this is to allow the garment to be adjusted over time as the wearers body changes. This is a great tip to add additional seam allowance and will allow you the flexibility the adjustments need and to keep the integrity of the garment.

Also, on the seams, Hong Kong binding is used to finish the seams. This helps in preserving the fabric as much as possible. The other reason this technique is used so much in Couture is that the inside of the garment is approached like the outside and the finish and look of this is important. If you have never tried this technique, give it a go! Also, this month we will release a tutorial to help you.



Underlining is a key part of Couture garments and really helps in keeping structure and shape over time and with wear. This is particularly useful in jackets where structure is integral to the garment. Organza is a great choice for this and works really well. Definitely test the organza against your chosen fabric and lining and make sure it helps in giving you the structure and flow that you are looking for.

We will be focussing on couture techniques throughout September and sharing videos and tips throughout our social media so be sure to follow us to help you on your Couture journey.